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General iPad Support & Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1.1. Using the Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft Office apps for iPad require an Office 365 account.  To create an Office 365 account please click HERE. Enter your UVa-Wise email address to sign up for a Microsoft account. Once your account is created, you can login on the Microsoft applications found in Self Service and begin using them. This account will also give you access to a free download of Office 365 on a separate device. If you need further assistance, please contact Technology Support at 276-376-4509.

Trouble accessing your Office 365 Account?

If you are locked out of your Office 365 account.  On the Office 365 login screen, click Can't access your account?.  Select Work or school account, enter your uvawise.edu email address,  complete the captcha, and click Next.  On this screen click the contact your administrator link.  Once you complete these steps, you will receive an email from Microsoft Office containing your new temporary password. You may need to check your Junk Email folder if you don't receive the message in your Inbox.

1.2. Workday App Install Instructions

Please download the PDF in the Downloads section for Workday app install instructions.

1.3. Pairing Your Apple Pencil

Remove the Pencil from the box, take the wrapping off

Gently pull the pencil cap off

Insert the pencil into the lightning connector located at the bottom of the iPad

Wait 4-5 seconds, a message will display asking if you would like to pair, Select "Pair"

Your Apple Pencil is now ready to be used

1.4. Adding the Battery Widget

At the home screen, swipe right until you've reached the Widget Screen

Scroll to the bottom, select "Edit"

Scroll down the list until you see the option "Batteries"

Tap the green plus sign to the left of the wording

At the top right corner of your screen, press done

You should now be able to see the battery percentage of your Pencil and iPad

1.5. Where can I return my iPad?

If you are withdrawing from the College, you can return your iPad in one of the following locations on campus:

  • IT Helpdesk, Darden Hall
  • IT Office, Smiddy Hall
  • Registrar's Office, Crockett Hall
  • Campus Police, Cantrell Hall
  • With your RA in your Residence Hall

2. Repairs

2.1. What happens if the iPad is damaged?

The iPad and accessories are covered by AppleCare for 3 years beginning approximately on the date of pickup. Repairs to damaged iPads must be arranged, within those three years. All repairs must be arranged with the OIT. Email ipadwise@uvawise.edu to request an appointment.

2.2. How do I initiate a repair ?

All repairs must be arranged with the OIT. Email ipadwise@uvawise.edu to request an appointment.

2.3. Who is responsible for the repair cost?

All repairs are the responsibility of the student, unless the repair is free of charge. The
OIT Department will initiate the repair and the amount will be charged to the students
account payable at the Cashier’s Office.


  Ipad Cost Accessory Cost Who Pays
1st Incident** $49* $129*


2nd Incident $49* $129*


3rd Incident $419* $129*


*Note: The $49 fee covers accidental damage as defined by Apple. Apple may determine some repairs to
be free of charge. Price of accessories starting at $129; Cover Buddy Case replacement is $49.
**Incident = damaged, lost, or stolen. Can be subject to change depending on the nature of damage. If
lost a second time, student responsible for $419 charge.