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6.2. CavsNet - Mac

1.     select System Preferences

2.     under Internet & Wireless, select Network

3.     select WiFi

4.     If Status shows Off, select Turn WiFi On

5.     make sure box is checked to Ask to Join New Networks

6.     make sure box is checked to Show WiFi Status in Menu Bar

7.     click the Network Name button to show available wireless networks

8.     select CavsNet

9.     another window should pop up

10. Mode should be Automatic

11. enter the user name for your UVa-Wise account

12. enter the password (same as your UVa-Wise email password)

13. check the box to Remember this Network

14. select Join

15. Status should show Connected

16. Network Name should show CavsNet

17. click Red X to close the network window

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