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5.1. Wireless Networking at UVA-Wise

The college provides wireless network service to address the increasingly mobile nature of technology in higher education. There are two wireless networks (WLAN’s) available on campus: CavsNet and CavsNet-Open.

CavsNet provides members of the college community (with active email accounts) a more secure wireless service. This WLAN uses current security and encryption standards to protect information as it travels across the wireless network. Newer computers and operating systems should recognize and support these standards. CavsNet is the recommended WLAN for students, faculty, and staff to use.

CavsNet-Open is an open, unsecured WLAN provided by the college for visitors and members of the local community to use without special setup or access requirements. Since this WLAN is open and unsecured, it is not recommended for any use that includes the transferal of sensitive information (e.g. purchases, online banking, posting grades, etc.).

Wireless Network Availability

The following buildings on campus offer wireless connectivity throughout:

- Smiddy Hall

- Zehmer Hall

- Crockett Hall

- Center for Teaching Excellence

- Martha-Randolph Hall

- Thompson Hall

- Asbury Hall

- Henson Hall

- Commonwealth Hall

- Culbertson Hall

- McCraray Hall

- Library

- Bowers-Sturgill Hall

- Resource Center

- Cantrell Hall

These buildings offer wireless connectivity in specific areas where mobility needs are more important:

- Slemp Student Center

- Darden Hall

- Science Center

- Dining Center

- Wyllie Hall

- Convocation Center

- Gilliam Center for the Arts

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