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1.3. How to change your preferred display name

students, faculty, and staff can set up a preferred name to display in many UVA systems.

Your legal name is separate from your preferred name and can only be updated by providing documentation. If you're a student, contact the Office of the University Registrar (UREG). If you are faculty or staff, update it in Workday by selecting Personal Information then Legal Name.

Your preferred name is one that you can update directly in the Identity & Access Management Portal and displays in most UVA systems.

Note: If you change your legal name, you must also log in to the Identity & Access Management Portal to change your preferred name. Your preferred name will not update automatically.




UVA reserves the right to modify or remove a preferred name if it is inappropriate, offensive, or being used for fraudulent purposes or misrepresentation.

Requirements for Preferred Names:

  • The first name and last name fields must have at least one character and cannot be blank (the labels are starred ("*") in the interface to indicate that requirement).
  • The middle name and suffix fields can be blank.

Tips for Preferred Names:

  • If you want to be found by your preferred name only, replace your legal name with your preferred name:
    • For example, if your legal name is "Alice" but you go by "Jane", change "Alice" to "Jane" in the first name field. Do NOT put quotes around your name.
  • Please do not use any special characters (i.e., "", #, !, %, (), etc.).
  • Changing your preferred name does not change your legal name in the Student Information System (SIS) or Workday.

Log in to the Identity & Access Management Portal to update your preferred name.

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