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4.1. Student Instructions for obtaining/resetting NetBadge

NetBadge Resets/Duo Instructions - Students

You will need to visit the Create or Manage Your UVA Computing ID and Password page in your browser to reset your NetBadge password:

Go to the “Reset Your UVA Password” (NetBadge) section on the page.

Proceed to Option 3 click on:

  1. Request a PIN sent to your recovery email or mobile number
  • Type in your computing id
  • Type in your Birth Date – formated mm/dd/yyyy
  • Check the Checkbox
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Choose “email sent to your recovery email address” which is the email address you used when you applied to the college or it could be your computingid@uvawise.edu
  • You will receive an email with a PIN, which you will use to complete step 3 “Validate” your identity and give you access to reset your password
  • Select I agree
  • Type in a password (at least 12 characters, including at least 1 number, 1 special character, Upper and lower case letters)
  • Retype the password  ( this is the password for NetBadge access *** this password changes neither your UVa-Wise access to login nor your @uvawise.edu email login)
  • Click OK
  • If available Click FINISH otherwise
  • You will be redirected to the NetBadge login page.  Using your computingid and the password you just created login to NetBadge.  At this point you should be redirected to the 2-step authentication enrollment page.  Follow the prompts!  If you are not redirected please go to the next step below.
    • Only follow this step if you were not redirected to the Duo enrollment page: Go to the 2-Step Login Management Portal and follow the prompts to complete the 2-step authentication (Duo) by registering your cell phone or choosing another method of verification. This is required by UVA.
  •  Go to the previous tab and click on “Identity and Access Management Portal” and choose “Create or manage your personal security questions”
  •  Please complete these questions and answers so that you can access the NetBadge password reset by answering the security questions.

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