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4.1. Student Instructions for obtaining/resetting NetBadge

NetBadge Resets/Duo Instructions - Students

NOTE: If you are new to UVa-Wise you will need to email your text enabled cellphone number to NetBadge@uvawise.edu from your @uvawise.edu email account and ask that your email and cell number be added for NetBadge access. 

NOTE: If you have changed cell phones you need to download the Duo Mobile app and contact NetBadge@uvawise.edu from your @uvawise.edu email account and request that your Duo device be "reactivated".

NOTE: If you have a new cell phone number you will need to send an email to NetBadge@uvawise.edu from your @uvawise.edu email account and ask that your phone number be changed in Duo.

NOTE: If you are a returning student and remember your password and you do not fall into one of the previous NOTE categories you should be able to login to NetBadge protected resources without further action, however if you do not remember your NetBadge password you will need to follow the steps below:

You will need to visit the Create or Manage Your UVA Computing ID and Password page in your browser to reset your NetBadge password:

  • Click on “Reset Your UVA Password” (***this is the same thing as NetBadge)

  • Choose “Option 3: Request a PIN sent to your recovery email or mobile number

  • Type in your computing id (This is the first part of your email address example abc2d)
  • Type in your Birth Date – formated mm/dd/yyyy
  • Check the Checkbox
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Choose “email sent to your recovery email address” which is your computingid@uvawise.edu
  • You will receive an email with a PIN, which you will use to complete step 3 “Validate” your identity and give you access to reset your password
  • Select I agree
  • Type in a password (at least 12 characters, including at least 1 number, 1 special character, Upper and lower case letters)
  • Retype the password  ( this is the password for NetBadge access *** this password changes neither your UVa-Wise access to login nor your @uvawise.edu email login)
  • Click OK
  • If available Click FINISH otherwise
  • After you have created your password and on your first attempt to login to NetBadge you will be asked to set up an Authentication Device (usually your cell phone).
  • Provide the information and follow the prompts, the service will allow you to receive a call to authenticate or to receive a "Push" notification from Duo Mobile (for the push notification you will need to install Duo Mobile from your app store) make sure that you allow notifications.
    • Only follow this step if you were not redirected to the Duo enrollment page: Go to the 2-Step Login Management Portal and follow the prompts to complete the 2-step authentication (Duo) by registering your cell phone or choosing another method of verification. This is required by UVA.
  •  Go to the previous tab and click on “Identity and Access Management Portal” and choose “Create or manage your personal security questions”
  •  Please complete these questions and answers so that you can access the NetBadge password reset by answering the security questions.

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