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2.9. How do I change my email password?

You can reset your own password at our SMOP website using the following steps:

Click "Reset Password/Unlock Account", enter your username and click "Continue"

If your username is not found in the SMOP database, please call the IT Helpdesk at 276-376-4509

You will be prompted with three questions:

  • Enter your birthdate using the EXACT format MM/DD/YY
    For example, if your birthday is August 3, 1997, you would enter 08/03/97

  • Enter the zip code you provided when signing up for classes

  • Enter your Jenzabar student ID number
    Once you have your student ID card (CAVScard) your Jenzabar number will likely appear in the format 000020626201. Your ID is found by removing the initial zeros and the last two digits.
    If you do not have a student ID card, please see your “UVa-Wise Account Created” email which will have your Jenzabar number listed.

After answering the questions, click "Continue" to go to the "Set your new password" page.
Create a new password that follows the password complexity requirements listed on the page.

If you do not remember the answers to your security questions or need more assistance with your account, please email helpdesk@uvawise.edu or call the IT Helpdesk at 276-376-4509.  You may also submit a support request using our web form.

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