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4.3. Why can't I delete a file in my Moodle course?


I cannot delete certain files from Moodle.


When a file will not delete from Moodle, there are two likely causes. It's possible that the files are still linked somewhere in the course, or that the file name contains special characters.

  1. Check that the file is not being referenced somewhere in the course. If you linked to a File from the main page of your course, you will first need to remove the link to the file. From there you can then delete the file itself.
  2. If the filename has any unusual characters, you may need to remove those characters before you can delete the file. For example, if your file name contains "%20", you will need to click the "Rename" link and remove those characters from the filename before it will delete. If you are unable to delete a file after following these steps, please contact the moodlesupport [@] uvawise.edu.  You may also submit a request using our support website.

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