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4.10. How do I setup Extra Credit in the Moodle Gradebook?

Any activity in a Moodle course can be designated as extra credit and calculated accordingly in the gradebook.

Marking an individual item as extra credit will remove the score of that item from the category or course total.  The score a student receives on the extra credit item will be added to their grade after other totals have been calculated.


  1. Enter Course
  2. Create an activity to be used as "Extra Credit"
  3. Navigate to the gradebook using the "Gradebook setup" link in the administration block.
  4. Locate the activity created in step 2.
  5. Click "Edit" and then "Edit Settings" for the gradebook activity.
  6. Expand the "Parent Category" to display the options.
  7. Click the "Extra Credit" checkbox.
  8. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

The value for that activity in the Max grade column will now have a + symbol, indicating extra credit value.

Note: The student view of grades has no indicator that the particular score is extra credit. Consider putting the words Extra Credit somewhere within the activity title to be clear to students.


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