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4.6. How do I enable student self enrollment in my course?

The self enrollment option can be found in the 'Users' -> 'Enrolment methods' section of each moodle course.


  1. Enter the course you want to change the enrollment options for.
  2. Click 'Users -> Enrollment methods' in the settings block.
  3. Click the closed eye icon under the edit column for 'Self Enrolment (Student)'
  4. Once the 'closed eye' icon changes to an 'open eye', click the 'hand with pencil' icon to adjust the settings.
  5. Once the settings have been updated with the options desired, click the save changes button to complete the process.
  6. A moodle user will be able to click the course link from the moodle catalog to enroll in the course.


** Adding an enrollment key is recommended when using the self enrollment method to prevent unwanted enrollments or accidental clicks.

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